Our services for technology industry range from service design and design research to behavioural science and speculative design


In the present day, the influence of digital technology pervades every aspect of our lives. Digital is transforming into the standard, seamlessly integrating into the routine for both consumers and enterprises.

Spotless has been fortunate to work with some of the biggest names in the technology space, spanning gaming, social media, and communications. From gaming and social media to communications this is a fast paced sector with great opportunities but also large risks. 

In our services that span initial design research to overall service design and organisational transformation, we integrate behavioural science to understand users better and employ speculative design to prepare for what's to come.

Conceptualise new technology products

New product development is full of uncertainty and risks for companies. Navigating regulations and business feasibility often takes up most of the efforts. We de-risk going to the market with new products by identifying customer needs, pains and Jobs-to-be-Dones to achieve higher product-market fit.

Enhance product adoption using behavioural science

Many companies receive great user feedback but struggle with product uptake. Addressing this goes beyond building a value proposition to systematically changing customer behaviour. Our behavioural design expertise helps companies tackle adoption barriers and expand market presence effectively.

Improve user and customer experience

Tech products and services are often seen as complex, with customers demanding simpler, user-friendly options. Improving usability and experience is challenging due to conflicting user needs. At Spotless, we're passionate about enhancing usability and accessibility to help partners create enjoyable products for their customers.

Discover strategic insights about your customers

In today's world, consumer preferences and habits change rapidly. Understanding what remains constant and what evolves is crucial for tech service companies to innovate effectively. Our versatile generative research toolkit supports both foundational research and ongoing discovery efforts with our partners.

Validate concepts for new products

While business decides what product to build, design helps create the right product.
Validating concepts before any money spent on development helps de-risk both B2B and B2C growth efforts for companies. Our clients often appreciate the a range of techniques we use to quickly bring concepts to life and test their product-market fit.


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