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Speculative Design

Designing future products and services to understand the implications of emerging technologies or social and cultural shifts.



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What and why?

Speculative Design is the practice of daring to imagine alternative futures and exploring their potential impact on businesses. It's like having a crystal ball to peer into the possibilities of tomorrow.

We stay at the forefront of Speculative Design by continuously training our team through School of Critical Design as it empowers us to anticipate change, spot trends before they emerge, and create inventive strategies. By integrating speculation into our service design toolkit, we assist companies in anticipating the unexpected, discovering untapped opportunities, and crafting strategies that stand the test of time.


Our speculative design expertise enables CX leaders and their teams to:

  • Develop innovative services by cater to future consumer needs, giving companies a competitive edge.
  • Plan scenarios for quick future adaptation to changing circumstances.
  • Explore alternative business models by identifying revenue streams and strategies that are resilient to market shifts.
  • Enable user-centricity by understanding user behaviours in hypothetical future contexts, leading to designs that are more user-centric and future-ready.
  • Assess trends to inform long-term strategic decisions.
  • Prepare strategies for sustainability, aligning with evolving environmental concerns.

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Who benefits from our expertise?

Companies and teams that are:

  • Facing potential disruption from new entrants or technological advancements and want to prepare for and respond to market shifts.
  • Developing new products or services and want to explore future user needs and preferences.
  • Aiming to adopt sustainable practices and want to envision sustainable futures to align their strategies accordingly.
  • Looking to gain future consumer insights
  • Entering a new market and want to understand future market dynamics.

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