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We work with companies across a wide range of industry sectors to create innovative, inspiring customer experiences through design research.

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Design Research

Observing and understanding people and how they interact with products and services provides a solid foundation for any project.


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What and why?

Design research is the systematic study of human behaviour, preferences, and interactions with products and services. It forms the foundation of informed decision-making, guiding the creation of user-centric solutions.

We believe in the transformative power of design research. By understanding your audience on a deep level, we provide you with the tools to craft experiences that resonate. It's about solving real problems, fostering innovation, and staying ahead in a competitive landscape.


Our design research expertise has previously enabled CX leaders and their teams to:

  • Uncover reasons behind low conversions by analysing user behaviour and providing actionable insights for website optimisation.
  • Improve user engagement by gaining a deep understanding of user needs and creating experiences that keep users coming back.
  • Detect user experience improvement areas by mapping the customer journey and identifying pain points and opportunities.
  • Evaluate feature effectiveness by testing their performance and ensuring the alignment with user expectations.
  • Validate products and services with real user feedback and preferences.
  • Future-proof offerings by getting the insights they need to understand evolving customer needs and behaviours.

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Who benefits from our expertise?

Companies and teams that are:

  • Developing new products or services and need validation for their features and functionality
  • Receiving complaints about user interface issues and navigation
  • Planning a new launch and trying to assess its impact on user satisfaction and engagement
  • Seeing declining user engagement in their loyalty schemes or other features
  • Unsure how their customer experience compares to competitors

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Packages to inspire your next project.

Set your Strategic Direction

Define your market position and proposition. Differentiate from your competitors.

Design Your Future

Explore radical possibilities and instigate change. Unlock new business models, reach untapped markets, align your teams.

Elevate Your Existing Business

Optimise your key customer journeys. Ensure a people-first approach to business transformation.

Prototype, test and learn

Put new propositions to the test. Explore, evaluate and enrich concepts/solutions to decide what to launch and what to toss.

Totally understand your customers

Gain deep customer insight to better understand their mindsets, barriers, and needs.


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Direct insights from our valued partners, capturing the essence of Spotless collaborations.

"Spotless worked with us as our business partner, always going the extra mile to ensure our needs were met in a professional and timely manner."

Sharon Stinton, Learning and Development Leader
GE Money

"We required 'out of the box' thinking, meticulous attention to detail, an instinctive understanding of game design and a high-level of UX expertise. We got all of this and more."


"Spotless has been extremely professional and the team have worked closely with us to achieve our objectives and helped us frame our thinking in ensuring the outcome matched our initial scope."

Jennie Curran, Client Relationship Manager
BBDO Stoy Hayward

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