Service Design

We work with businesses to create innovative services by involving people in the service design and service innovation process.

Service Design

Together, we craft exceptional service experiences by refining systems, communication, and tangible elements, ensuring every interaction leaves a lasting impression across every touchpoint.


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What and why?

Service design is the art of shaping seamless, user-centric experiences. It's about harmonising every aspect of your service, from its core systems to customer-facing interactions, creating a unified journey that captivates and converts.

We believe that service design is not just about creating better services; it's about evolving businesses, adapting to change, and thriving in a competitive landscape. We ensure your strategy aligns with evolving consumer demands, fostering innovation, and securing a position at the forefront of your industry.


Our service design expertise has previously enabled CX leaders and their teams to:

  • Explore new growth areas by identifying hidden market opportunities for new services.
  • Improve user engagement by helping you create experiences that keep users coming back.
  • Overcome fierce market competition by benchmarking and enhancing service experience and helping them stand out.
  • Tackle market disruption by adapting to new technologies and reinventing business models.
  • Make a sustainable shift by redesigning services to adapt to changing customer preferences, embracing sustainability.
  • Mitigate product launch risks by validating product features with user-centred design.

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Who benefits from our expertise?

Companies and teams that are:

  • Entering a new market and are facing challenges in understanding local preferences and adapting their services.
  • Undergoing digital transformation and need to ensure that new digital services are user-friendly, efficient, and aligned with customer needs.
  • Planning a new launch and seek concept validation to ensure the launch resonates with the target audience, reducing the risk of failure.
  • Trying to optimise internal processes to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Facing competitive disruption from new entrants or new technology competitors, and need help revamping their offerings to compete effectively.

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Direct insights from our valued partners, capturing the essence of Spotless collaborations.

“Spotless don’t retell stories, they get to know our business, repurpose our insight, identify the gaps and create innovative solutions."

Nicola Charlton, Research & Insight Manager
Tyl by Natwest

"We required 'out of the box' thinking, meticulous attention to detail, an instinctive understanding of game design and a high-level of UX expertise. We got all of this and more."


"Spotless worked with us as our business partner, always going the extra mile to ensure our needs were met in a professional and timely manner."

Sharon Stinton, Learning & Development Leader
GE Money

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