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At Spotless we are passionate about creating a better future. Our trend articles take a look at new technologies, services and approaches across industries.

What can we expect from this year? This January, we put together some insights and predictions for 2018 from our designers and consultants here at Spotless:

The energy industry has transformed over the past few decades in both the way energy is produced and the way that we, as consumers, use it. This report highlights current technological and cultural trends in the energy industry.

Find out how new digital technologies are transforming services and user experience in financial services in 2017

Discover how retailers are using smart data and emerging technologies to exceed customer expectations in 2017.

Customer expectations are changing as quickly as technology, massively impacting the telecoms industry. How can companies adapt and innovate to set themselves apart? This report highlights and forecasts strategic opportunities based on current technological and cultural trends.

When it comes to the car industry there is so much more happening than what is directly evolving around the car. We need to look beyond these direct connections because there are so many areas to be inspired from, learn from, partner with or design for that will have a great impact on the end experi…

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