We Are Now B Corp Certified!

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Evelina Molis
Marketing Manager
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A few weeks ago, Spotless achieved B Corp certification, joining the community of impactful B Corps worldwide. But what does it actually mean?

As a service design agency, we always embodied the highest social and environmental standards for the wellbeing of people and the planet. Our team has always focused on user-centric service design, ethical practices, and innovation, creative positive impacts on people and the planet. Design research has become a way for us to help other companies evaluate and enhance their environmental impact. Speculative design helps us transform from a creative process into a method for envisioning a sustainable future, while behavioural science expertise guides us not only in understanding user behaviours, but also in shaping ethical and people centric projects. And we can now showcase our dedication with the official stamp in hand! 

As our values gain new importance, we interviewed our People Manager Izabella Csigo to share the wider significance of being a B Corp and the steps involved in adding a third bottom line to our business.

Why was it important for Spotless to pursue B Corp accreditation?

“Pursuing B Corp accreditation was a pivotal step towards aligning our values with our business practices. It signified a deeper commitment to our practices focusing on sustainability, and positive societal impact. It validates our efforts in fostering a workplace culture that prioritises not only financial success but also the wellbeing of our employees, the communities we serve, and the environment, which really shines through management decisions. It's a mark of trust and credibility, showcasing our dedication to making a meaningful difference.

It’s also a huge catalyst for change within our industry. Our commitment to continuous improvement goes hand in hand with our ambition to set higher standards for the entire service design industry as we envision a future where our industry collectively raises the bar for ethical and purpose-driven business practices.”

What was the process like?

“Obtaining B Corp accreditation was challenging yet enlightening. It involved a comprehensive evaluation of our operations, from our environmental footprint to our employee welfare initiatives and the societal impact we make. This assessment allowed us to scrutinise our practices, identify areas for improvement, and implement positive changes across the board. For instance, in the midst of the cost of living crisis, we implemented Utility Bill Support to help our employees. We took some bold steps!

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our team in  answering the questions and making the small changes in our organisation. Teresa, Anna, Nour, Ben, Ed, were all involved and contributed to our success with both their knowledge and initiating the changes we had to make to achieve the B Corp status. Thank you for being an integral part of our success!“

Tell me about your personal experience?

“When I joined Spotless, pursuing B Corp certification became a goal within my probation period, introducing me to a new and intriguing concept. Initially, our score reflected the positive changes and commitment to our values, including comprehensive mental and physical health support, a diverse leadership team, and transparent governance practices - a solid foundation to build upon.

What stood out for me was Spotless's proactive embrace of change, not just for profit but for the wellbeing of our planet and people. We introduced a flexible work-from-anywhere policy, other policies supporting employee wellbeing (e.g. monthly wellbeing activities), and embraced eco-friendly practices, from reducing water flow to reevaluating our suppliers. Each step felt like progress toward a more responsible future.

The best part? Witnessing the positive impact. Employees became more engaged, proud to be a part of a company dedicated to meaningful change, and clients recognised us not just for our services but as a force for positive transformation.”

What does it mean to be B-Corp accredited for us?

“Getting accredited was just the first step for us, and it doesn't end here. It's an ongoing journey - a commitment to continuous improvement. We understand that maintaining and enhancing our B Corp status requires consistent efforts. As next steps, we are refining our practices by involving B Corp as part of our performance process, getting everyone involved and thinking about what difference they can make. 

Our goal is to keep evolving, setting higher standards for ourselves and the industry, and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a responsible and impactful company.”

Invitation to join B Corp movement

“Spotless’s B Corp journey is not just our own - it’s an open invitation to all fellow agencies and professionals in our industry. We invite you to explore the transformative power of B Corp accreditation, to embrace a journey that goes beyond profits to prioritise purpose, people, and the planet. 

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the certification or need some advice!”

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