Customers Respond Badly To New Ebay User Interface.

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Ben Logan
Design Research
Service Design

Ebay have recently begun testing a new search interface but unfortunately for the ecommerce giant, their message boards have been buzzing with negative feedback.

The changes have been described as the beginning of “a learning curve” – however those used to the old style pages are expected to find the revamp difficult to adjust to.

For the first case in point, the size of images has been increased, leading to several testers complaining that they could only see four listings per page due to the resolution of their displays and that it increases the amount of scrolling required. This alone could put off potential buyers.

The font size has also drawn complaints for its increased size, and it was also pointed out that the links which are now displayed in a black font could confuse browsers that are used to clicking on blue hyperlinks.

The search box has also been moved and users have griped that their saved searches forms have disappeared – one user claimed to have spent $200 on the site’s rival Amazon due to frustrations with this new interface.

Overall, the new look and feel of the online auction house’s website has been labelled dull, as well as feeling slower to many users.

Nevertheless, not all users will see these changes, since they have so far only been rolled out on a limited basis before official release to the public at large. Hopefully Ebay will look into these usability issues before then.

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