Users Unravelled 2024: Application of Behavioural Science in UX Research

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Anna Haywood
Head of Design Research
Behavioural Science
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Securing a seat at Wednesday's sold-out Tech Circus event, 'Users Unravelled: The Practical Application of Behavioural Science in UX Research 2024’, proved to be a stroke of luck. The atmosphere was electric with inspiring speakers, and the Fora space venue added a brilliant touch to the overall ambiance. To top it off, the vegetarian Massaman curry set the stage for an engaging second half!

The talks were brimming with insightful takeaways, complemented by a lively panel discussion featuring very interesting questions and clarifications. Annika Marie Leick (Sparck) kicked things off, delving into the practical applications of Behavioural Science through the lens of 6 key elements of Behavioural Design. Her exploration of different tools and techniques at various stages provided a valuable foundation.

Annika Leick at Users Unravelled 2024

Next, Benjamin Buckby (Peasee) took the stage to share insights on 'Getting Buy-In to Behavioural Design’. His brilliant and practical talk centred around key behavioural insights, communicating the value of Behavioural Science, and 11 essential considerations to secure buy-in. The inclusion of the entertaining 'Ultimatum Game' with yummy chocolate buttons added a delightful touch!

Benjamin Buckby at Users Unravelled 2024

The final speaker, Jessica Cameron (Lloyds Banking Group) covered ‘The art of design research’ drawing from her extensive experience. Jessica discussed how design research can learn a great deal from behavioural science (the ‘universals’), allowing research to focus on ‘specifics’. 

However, to optimise the partnership between research and BeSci, clear boundaries need to be drawn between the two practices. As a design research practitioner myself, this talk was especially prudent. To use Jessica’s analogy of design research and behavioural science being like peanut butter and jam, I’m on the side that they can work well in tandem, provided caveats are understood and practitioners are open to what each brings to the table.  

Jessica Cameron at Users Unravelled 2024

The topic of conversation is timely for Spotless, as we’re embarking on our behavioural design journey. In February, we started an 8-week long internal behavioural design training course, led by our BeSci specialist, Krisztian Komandi. We’re now in week three, and the whole team is learning about the magic that behavioural science can add to our research and service design projects.

Meanwhile, explore our comprehensive range of services, featuring expertise in behavioural science. Stay connected for forthcoming updates from our training and additional resources.

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