Introducing Our UX Discovery Piece On Wearable Devices And Activity Trackers.

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Alex Voica
Design Researcher
Speculative Design
Behavioural Science

As technology continues to play a bigger role in our lives, it can sometimes feel like an extension of our bodies – it’s no surprise that wearable devices such as Fitbits, Apple Watches, Garmin, and Oura rings, have become increasingly popular.

Can these devices actually help people reach their goals, build better habits and maintain them? That’s what we’re here to find out.

We’ve rounded up 12 users currently wearing smart devices, and we’re taking an in-depth look at their experiences. From the onboarding process to tracking daily activity, we’ll be covering all the basics to see if these devices can live up to their promise: helping people maintain their New Year resolutions (or as we like to call them, new year’s intentions, the guilt-free reframing!)

We’re particularly interested in the tracking aspect of these devices – what activities do people track and how do they use the data to make changes in their lives? We’ll consider what users would love to see improved about these devices and their associated apps. We’re also really excited to explore how we want these devices to serve us in the future. Through speculative workshopping, we’ll ask where the line is drawn between the human body and tech in 2050? Is there a line at all when these devices are no longer an extension of our bodies, but skin deep?

So, stay tuned for our reveal of the findings from round 1 of the research. We can’t wait to see what our participants have to say and how wearable devices are impacting their daily habits and routines. Keep track of our journey here or join us on Medium to be the first one to access it! It’s set to be a couple of steps forward, a few missteps, and maybe even a skipped beat (see what we did there?)

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