Video Sharing Platform Vine Achieves Top Download Spot on Google Play

12 June 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Vine, the most recent in a long line of social media applications that allows its users to share each detail of their day to day existence in excruciating detail, was an instant hit when introduced to the Apple store in January. Despite only being available for Android devices for a week thus far, it has become the number one Social App download thanks to its streamlined usability.

Vine allows users to post 6 second clips and share them with their followers in a fashion we are used to seeing with Tumblr for images and Twitter for brief bursts of text. It integrates with other popular social networks and its user interface is suitably familiar and refined (which should come as no surprise considering that it is owned by Twitter).

The interface is also noticeably similar to competitor Cinemagram, with a top navigation bar containing its main elements. Once a video is created, hashtags, a caption and a location can be added then quickly shared online – the process so simple that some are already saying that Vine could do for video sharing what Twitter has done for the broadcasting of brief slices of text.

While the delayed launch of the application on the Android platform has raised a few questions as to whether developers should perfect their products with extensive testing on one platform before releasing to another, or if more comprehensive testing should be done to secure a joint release, it looks like Vine could very well become ‘the next big thing’ for social media addicts.

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