Two High Street Giants to Up their Online Retail Game with Improved Usability

7 May 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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We’ve seen before what happens to High Street giants that refuse to wake up to the popularity of online retail. Selfridges have now seen the light with the launch of their new Click&Collect service, and at the other end of the spectrum budget supermarket Iceland have revamped their online customer experience.

Iceland are currently testing their fresh service via a number of stores in the North and South West of England, while making use of a new and improved online user interface. The company has experimented in this area before, being the first UK food retailer to launch online shopping services all the way back in 1999, although this was later axed as being unfeasible at the time.

It seems that their usability testing is paying off, since John Mackie, Director of Delivered Sales at Iceland, has recently said that he is delighted by initial user feedback in response to the improved platform.

Meanwhile Selfridges, whose Click&Collect service goes online starting May 9, has also been listening closely to customer feedback. According to a spokesman for the company: “Selfridges’ Click&Collect is the brand’s considered response to the growing demand from customers to be offered greater shopping flexibility, mixing the convenience of online shopping and the practicality of collecting ordered goods at a time and place to fit their busy schedules.”

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