Spotless Podcast – Episode 2: What is Service Design?

27 February 2017
Billy Kennedy

Billy Kennedy

Head of UX

Using real world needs of users to influence effective and simple designs.

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For the second episode of the Spotless Service Design Podcast, we are joined by Spotless Founder and Director Ben Logan. The topic this week is Service Design, and in particular we try to answer the somewhat challenging question of ‘What is Service Design’. We also chat through some of the latest news from the worlds of Tech, User Experience and Design.

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Spotless “What is Service Design?” Podcast – Episode 2

Links from the show:

  1. Apparently according to research at Imperial you now need to be considering eating 10 a day in terms of fruit and veg instead of 5 –
  2. Tinder wants AI to set you up on a date –
  3. Seven things you didn’t know about emoji –

Shameless plugs – Upcoming Courses and workshops

Marianne and Ine, two of our Lead Service Designers are Helping out on the Intermediate Service Design Short Course at Central St Martins Course with briefing the students and judging.

The course is delving more into subjects like organizational blueprinting, participatory design research, facilitation & organizational change. They have had some really cool collaborations in the past with FutureGov, BIO Agency, Engine and Liveworks.–management-and-science/service-design—intermediate/

03/04/2017 – 13/04/2017

Big Thanks to Antonio Starnino for arranging this.

General Assembly

Ine is also helping out the General Assembly to run their first Service Design workshop on 23/03/2017 –

Ben Logan - Director

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