Samsung Announce the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

5 September 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Speculation regarding smart watches has been rife for months now, and it turns out that the first firing shot of the inevitable war for domination in the market has just been launched by Samsung, with the announcement of their Galaxy Gear smart watch.

While other smart watches are already available, this is the first from a major company and has clearly seen a great deal of attention, money and testing thrown at it. One of Samsung’s representatives described it as “an engineering marvel and something that really redefines tomorrow.”

The watch works in tandem with a Samsung smart phone and can receive call notifications, texts and emails. With its sleek user interface, at present Samsung seem keen to promote the device as a fashion statement.

Customers are notoriously wary of first generation computing devices however, and as we are just at the advent of the wearable smart watch, it might be sometime before we see these products really taking off.

Foad Fadaghi, Research Director at technology insight and advisory company Telsyte, commented on the evolution of the smart watch trend:

“We’re going to see more refinements of the product over time, and this is really a view of how products may look in the future.”

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