Rumours Flare about Apple Developing a Smart Wrist Watch Device

12 February 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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There have long been whispers about the possibility of Apple releasing a wrist watch device, although on the other hand it is sometimes easier to count the things that the technology giant is not rumoured to be working on.

Nevertheless, while there have been no official announcements, the Internet has recently lit up with speculation and fan produced concept art, stoking discussion on the rumour. Now reports have reached us that Apple are testing a watch-like device powered by iOS in their Cupertino headquarters, so we could be on the brink of another new platform gold rush.

Though details are still slight, it hasn’t stopped journalists and Apple fans alike from discussing possibilities for the nifty new device – enhanced usability via a new type of flexible display known as Willow Glass that would allow for a curved touch screen has already been suggested as a possibility.

The New York Times has also begun predicting possible applications, including mobile payment, monitoring health and activity, navigation and all the usual other smartphone bits and bobs.

Although unconfirmed, such a prospect is sure to keep many an Apple enthusiast awake at night in the anticipation of a firm announcement.

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