O2’s Online Customer Service Integration by Creative Virtual Garners Praise

19 January 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Creative Virtual Ltd, a company which designs virtual assistant natural language web applications, has been shortlisted for the Econsultancy Innovation Awards 2012 in the category of ‘Innovation in Customer & User Experience’.

This recognition is based on their seamless integration of O2 UK’s virtual agent Ask Lucy with their Live Chat functionality. The move was aimed at advancing online customer support one step further, and it’s proving successful.

Creative Virtual’s advanced natural language technology allowed Lucy to answer a wide range of questions with a higher degree of accuracy than ever before. However, for some more complex questions being posed by O2 customers online, it was decided that Live Chat would best provide a personalised and complete customer service experience.

By integrating the two systems, the Live Chat conversation is able to continue within the same virtual assistant template to provide the user with a seamless experience because multiple windows and searches for additional support channels are done away with.

Users also benefit from Lucy providing the live agent with a copy of the conversation that has taken place prior to being escalated to Live Chat, so that the agent has a better understanding of the user’s needs.

All in all, this integration of O2’s virtual agent with Live Chat is regarded as a unique and innovative advancement in online customer service experience, and we are likely to see more organisations adopting this method in the future.

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