New Soundwave App Shows Music Tastes of the Masses

21 June 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Irish company Soundwave have recently launched their innovative social music app, which has already garnered praise from Apple founder Steve Wozniak and Stephen Fry.

The application allows the user to choose an area, either local to them or worldwide, and find out what music people are listening to. A nifty user interface allows parameters to be drawn on a map to choose a local area and delve into the musical tastes of people within those borders

To ensure a smooth release, the app was put through an extensive testing process, in cooperation with Google and Apple. According to company co-founder Corkman Aidan Sliney: “We spent about a month and a half with a team of about 600-700 people testing the beta version for us”.

Rather than relying of advertising revenue to generate money, the app allows users to purchase music they have discovered and Soundwave then receives a 5% – 10% slice of the purchase cost.

The app has been quick to find a solid position in the market, with fans in China, Russia, Japan and South Korea. It has already been translated into 14 languages and tweaked for granular localisation around the world.

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