New Neuron Experience Testing Platform Set to Revolutionise Consumer Analytics

2 April 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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The US based Userlytics Corporation has now announced their launch of the first Neuro Experience (NX) Testing Platform – this will allow companies to visually see which neuron pathways are excited in users during online interactions.

The system works by using an advanced form of eye tracking, which measures not only the direction of the eye scan, but also the light intensity and reflective capacity of the retina.

Over the past few years, cutting-edge research has shown a direct correlation between which light receptive molecules in the eye’s retina increase or decrease their receptivity and reflective capacity and which of the brain’s neuron pathways are most engaged.

Userlytics has successfully developed an algorithm that will leverage its existing webcam based user experience testing platform to translate these changes in the eye and brain into a real time mental heat map.

The platform will thus deliver aggregated neural heat maps of the mental path-ways that are stimulated as users interact with online advertisements, websites and video content.

Alejandro Rivas-Micoud, CEO of Userlytics, commented: “Neuro Experience Testing will have a profound effect on the ability of companies to influence their customers.”

It seems as if this groundbreaking technology is set to issue in a ‘Brave New World’ of usability testing and consumer metrics.

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