New Moto X Phone Automatically Adjusts Behaviour to Suit Your Environment

7 August 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Some of us want our smart mobile devices to serve as useful communication and media tools, whereas some of us want omnipresent, all knowing sentinels in our pockets. Motorola Mobility, which was acquired by Google last year, has now released a mobile phone which seems likely to appeal to the later group, given its ability to cleverly detect its current environment and adapt accordingly.

The Moto X device can even automatically detect when you are in a moving car or in a meeting and switch itself to a pre-defined mode.

The phone is also constantly ready to be used as a camera, even when locked and with the screen off, plus it is also always alert and listening for voice input commands – all without draining the battery life.

During usability testing, the device proved to work as advertised and displayed strong battery life. It must be said however that the Moto X doesn’t come with a particularly impressive processor or run one of the latest versions of the Android operating system, so the user interface is liable to feel slow and unresponsive at times.

Whilst unlikely to recapture past glories for Motorola, the Moto X is a solid one nevertheless and we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some of its features being adopted by other devices in the future.

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