New look for Google Mail

2 November 2011
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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It will be no surprise to many to hear that Gmail has just received a revamped appearance, following an accidental leak of the new design a few weeks ago.

Users are now able to experience the fresh layout for themselves, which has been compared to Facebook’s look in many ways and comes with some interesting new features.

Users will now able to customise the positions of sidebars and menus and use high resolution images as a background.

Comfortable, Compact and Cozy default options are available to control the density with which mails are displayed, and a new search function allows users to access advanced search options from the search bar itself.

In addition, profile pictures can now be easily added for contacts, giving a more personal touch to the user experience and brightening up the look of the email service.

Gmail users can choose to update to the new design by clicking on the “Switch over to New Look” tab at the bottom of their mail pages.

All in all, these new features offer some solid enhancements to the popular mail service.

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