New Airline Site Allows Customers to Browse by Comfort Rather than Value

30 April 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Routehappy have relaunched their airline flight retail site with a whole new approach to the way people book their tickets. Not only do they promise to find the best available ticket price, but they also claim to be able to locate the best option based on price, seat, comfort and schedule.

Robert Albert, Routehappy’s founder and Chief Executive explained the company’s decision to extend their flight preferences beyond price alone: “”Consumers care about experience, even if they don’t acknowledge it.”

In preparing for the relaunch of their site, Routehappy embarked upon an extensive usability testing program and noticed that certain amenities, such as roomier seats, were responsible for consumers paying more for their tickets.

One of their testers, Vicki Morwitz, confirmed that while fares are an important factor, people also care a great deal about the travel experience.”

Routehappy’s new website scores suggest airline routes from one to ten, allowing for an easy at-a-glance recommendation. Overall, their website has a clean design and makes for a pleasant user experience.

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