Google UX Design Chief Discusses Android Goals and Innovations

24 January 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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In a newly published Wired interview, Google’s Android UX Design Chief, Matias Duarte, discussed the future of their mobile OS design and technology.

One of the first things he mentioned regarding design is “it always helps to know that you’re breaking the rules.”

Duarte discussed how their Ice Cream Sandwich (the Android 4.0 OS), launched under his supervision late last year, is a first step in the goal of bridging the gap between tablets and smartphones. It is a robust, well-designed operating system that can measure up to the likes of Apple and Microsoft OS platforms.

Regarding the much debated fragmentation issue, Duarte commented: “Remember when you got the new version of Windows, and you couldn’t run it on your PC? You just had to get a new computer, right? It’s something that happens at certain inflection points of computing, where the capabilities just grow so quickly that they outpace everything else.”

As Head of User Experience, Duart’s goal is for their Ice Cream Sandwich OS to combat this, while a second plan of attack is the launch of the Android Design developer site, which aims to make it easier than ever before for designers to develop more seamless, user-friendly apps by giving them a clear style guide to get creative with.

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