Google Releases V5.3.23 for YouTube App

27 November 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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YouTube has now released their latest update – V5.3.23 features some user interface tweaks as well as a few other minor under-the-hood enhancements.

It must be said that the UI changes are so subtle that many won’t notice them. For example, the slide-out menu used to have Uploads, History, Favourites, Playlists, and Watch later, followed by the user’s subscriptions; in the latest version Google has added “What to Watch and My Subscriptions” above those icons and have also mixed them up a little. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that Google’s usability team is constantly on the case when it comes to enhancements that make people’s lives easier, no matter how small.

While this latest update is decidedly minor, the rumours are flying that Google has major plans for their YouTube app in the near future, such as a new feature that will allow users to listen to YouTube with the display off (a key enhancement for those that are going to be listening to podcasts from YouTube instead of downloading them from other apps). There is also much talk about a future update that will introduce a subscription music service for YouTube.

So, although V5.3.23 does not present any sweeping changes to get excited about, it confirms that Google is continuing to work on improvements and that bigger things are on the horizon.

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