First “Real” Curved Smartphone Arrives from LG

28 October 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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The 6 inch G Flex smartphone has just been released by South Korean manufacturer LG, and whilst there are currently no plans to release the device in the West, it’s still interesting to have a look at its design and user interface as an indication of what we might expect in the near future.

The phone’s release comes just weeks after the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Round smartphone, the difference being that the Round is curved from left to right, whereas the G Flex’s curve is from top to bottom – something the company claims will make it more comfortable for phone calls while providing a more immersive video experience.

Such flexible screen technology has been hailed for sometime as the next step forward for smart devices, along with the long anticipated advent of wearable tech seemingly finally upon us. Little has yet been revealed about any tweaks to the device’s user interface, but we can confirm that it contains rear Home and volume buttons to mirror LG’s flagship G2 smartphone.

The limited availability of the G Flex at present hints towards a test release to gauge customer appeal, but if the usability testing is deemed to be a success then we can no doubt expect similar devices on the horizon fairly soon.

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