Auto manufacturers prioritise user interfaces

26 April 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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With the market for vehicle manufacturers becoming ever more competitive, brands are understandably looking to gain an advantage in any way they can.  One of the most obvious ways in which brands can try to attract customers is through reducing prices – although this is a short-term strategy which can impact on profits.  Many manufacturers feel that a better solution is to find sources of added value which can attract customers to their brand.

Increasing numbers of vehicle manufacturers are coming to believe that a source of potential advantage can be found in improving the user interfaces provided within their vehicles.  Such development would, it is believed, not only improve consumers’ driving experience but also strongly support a manufacturer’s brand.

Two companies (Pelagicore AB and Rightware Oy) have teamed up to capitalise on this increased focus on vehicles’ user interface design.  They believe that excellent user interfaces can indeed help vehicle manufacturers to distinguish themselves from the competition.

To this end, they have announced a strategic partnership and said that Rightware’s 3D user interface technology will be integrated into Pelagicore’s Infotainment Platform.  Their stated aim is the provision of a platform that facilitates the development of attractive and helpful 3D graphics within vehicles’ user interfaces.  Such user interfaces might be found within contexts such as in-vehicle infotainment, instrumentation and heads-up displays.

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