Our services for retail industry range from service design and design research to behavioural science and speculative design


From mobile payments to augmented reality to drone delivery, retailers have an incredible amount of technology at their fingertips. Customers are now able to find and purchase what they need in a matter of seconds, lifting customer expectations higher than ever. These digital changes have Contact also led to new challenges in terms of service design, UX and user experience in Retail.

Consumers don’t just want their products quickly, they want them immediately. We work with retail companies to improve services and co-create innovative user experiences.

In our services that span initial design research to overall service design and organisational transformation, we integrate behavioural science to understand users better and employ speculative design to prepare for what's to come.

Develop new products and services

Bringing new offerings to market involves understanding customer needs and retail trends. We help retail companies identify what shoppers want, ensuring new products are desirable and competitive.

Increase service adoption using behavioural science

Retail products can receive good feedback but struggle with sales. Our expertise in behavioural design helps retail companies address adoption barriers, driving sales growth.

Enhance shopping experience

Retail experiences should be convenient and enjoyable. We focus on improving the usability and overall experience of retail services, making shopping more seamless for customers.

Gain insights into shopping behaviour

Understanding how customers shop and what they value is crucial. We provide retail companies with insights into shopping habits, helping them design products and services that meet customer needs.

Validate new retail concepts

Before investing in new retail products, validating their market potential is essential. We help retail companies test and refine their concepts, ensuring they align with shopper preferences and market trends.


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