Our services in gaming range from games user research and design to behavioural science and speculative design


Much like the broader digital revolution, the gaming sector is undergoing a metamorphosis, where new technologies and innovations are becoming the standard. Through rigorous testing, player feedback, and data analysis, games user research informs game design, usability, and enjoyment, we collaborate with gaming companies to enhance their user experiences and prepare their games for widespread enjoyment by millions.

In our services that span initial design research to overall service design and organisational transformation, we integrate behavioural science to understand users better and employ speculative design to prepare for what's to come.

Conceptualise new game mechanics

Developing innovative game mechanics can be risky and uncertain. We help de-risk this process by identifying player needs and preferences, ensuring that new features align with what players are seeking, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.

Enhance game adoption using behavioural science

Many games receive positive feedback but struggle with player retention and adoption. Our behavioural design expertise helps gaming companies address barriers to game adoption, ensuring that players are motivated to continue playing and exploring new features.

Improve user and player experience

Games often have complex interfaces and mechanics that can overwhelm players. Our focus on usability and player experience helps simplify game interactions, creating intuitive and enjoyable gaming experiences that keep players coming back.

Discover strategic insights about players

Player preferences and gaming habits can change rapidly. We help gaming companies stay ahead by providing insights into what remains constant in player behaviour and what is evolving, enabling the creation of games that resonate with their audience.

Validate game concepts

Before investing in game development, it's crucial to validate concepts. We use a range of techniques to quickly bring game ideas to life and test their appeal with players, helping developers create games with a strong market fit.


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"Spotless have proved themselves to be an invaluable asset to Virgin Games, working closely with us over 6 months on two product development projects. They quickly understood exactly what we needed as a business and ran a series of user tests which have given us an essential understanding of what our customers think about both our current website and planned enhancements."

Joshua Morris, Commercial Director
Virgin Games
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