Our services in automotive industry range from service design and design research to behavioural science and speculative design


Technological and cultural changes are revolutionising the automotive sector, emphasising driverless and connected cars, and elevating the importance of passenger experience.

We collaboratively shape the future of automotive industry by examining passenger experiences, future showrooms, and the car's role as a living space extension.

In our services that span initial design research to overall service design and organisational transformation, we integrate behavioural science to understand users better and employ speculative design to prepare for what's to come.

Innovate automotive features

Developing new automotive features involves balancing technical feasibility with customer desires. We help automotive companies identify what drivers need and want, ensuring new features are both innovative and practical

Promote sustainable automotive practices

As sustainability becomes a priority, automotive companies must adapt. We help identify and integrate sustainable practices in the user experience, from electric vehicle charging solutions to eco-friendly service models. This ensures that automotive services are environmentally friendly and meet customer expectations for sustainability.

Advance electric and self-driving vehicles

Electric and autonomous vehicles represent the future of the automotive industry. We assist companies in understanding customer concerns and preferences related to these technologies, ensuring new developments in electric and self-driving cars align with market demands and enhance user trust.

Gain insights into driving habits

Understanding how people drive and what they value in a vehicle is crucial. We provide automotive companies with insights into driving behaviours, helping them design vehicles that meet drivers' needs.

Validate new concepts

Before investing in new automotive technologies, it's essential to validate their market potential. We help automotive companies test and refine their concepts, ensuring they align with customer expectations and preferences.


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"Fleetmatics are very happy with the user testing carried out by Spotless. The insights gained from this testing has helped us redesign a key part of our Reveal software for an optimal experience for our users."

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