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We’re a close team of musicians, bakers, gamers and runners. We love what we do and we have fun doing it. We don’t believe in one right answer, only different perspectives, which is why a diverse digital team is so important to what we do.

We have extensive experience with research, strategy, design and project management. We are used to working in multidisciplinary teams with agile project approaches.

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  • Andy Walker

    Head of Client Services
  • Ben Logan - Director

    Ben Logan

  • Danny Weston

    Client Services Director
  • Kevin Yuen

    Kevin Yuen

    Service Design Director
  • Manisha Patel

    Senior Project Manager
  • Nour Khalifeh

    Accounts & Operations Manager
  • Caroline Butler

    Senior Service Designer
  • Arnas Samuolis

    Visual Designer
  • Adrian Thomas

    Senior Experience Consultant
  • Billy Kennedy

    Lead Experience Consultant
  • Richie Kennedy

    Senior Experience Consultant
  • Tom Knoll

    Senior Experience Consultant
  • Max Taylor

    Experience Consultant
  • Nadja Toft

    Service Designer
  • Mark Cox

    Experience Consultant
  • Drew Boateng

    Business Development Executive
  • Martin McCarthy

    Experience Consultant
  • Katri Kärkkäinen

    Project Manager
  • Adam Cooper

    Assistant Lab Manager
  • Anna Soares

    Anna Soares

    Lab Manager

I joined Spotless in January 2015 to head up new business development and account management at the agency. Having worked at various agencies I’ve been fortunate in being involved in UX research and design projects for a wide variety of companies. This has included large corporates, government and non profit organisations looking at defining and shaping user experiences for digital. I’ve seen a tremendous change in how companies plan their digital development and integrate UX research into their design cycles in that time.


  • Strategy
  • Account Management
  • Business Planning
  • New Business Development

I am a passionate advocate of improving services and experiences for the people that use them, which helps me jump out of bed at 6.15am each day. I spend my time helping manage our growing portfolio of accounts and our incredible team. Whilst being an experienced practitioner that started out crafting code and pushing pixels, I now have overall responsibility for the company strategy and commercial objectives. Random fact I used to DJ and produce music many years ago, and can occasionally be heard rambling about the good old days.


  • Strategy
  • Account Management
  • Business Planning
  • Sales and Marketing

I joined Spotless to lead on New Business and the development of our varied client base.

I’ve worked in digital for many years at a number of agencies specializing in UX & Service Design. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a variety of clients across a number of sectors helping to bring customers into their thinking and to enable positive digital change.

I liaise between our clients and Spotless to ensure we deliver great value and I have a responsibility to ensure that our work achieves successful outcomes aligned to our clients objectives.


  • Account Management and Business Development
  • Strategic Business planning and change
  • UX research and Design

I get involved in overseeing how Service Design can help organisations become more human! I have an inbuilt optimism that we can make the world better by considering the human experience much more fundamentally, in the way we create environments and processes. Practically, that means I am often trying to get to the essence of the opportunity. I like to sketch out the opportunity space on single pages: For example, here is the ‘user universe’ and here is the ‘interaction landscape’ that the organisation has the opportunity to create.


    • Experience Strategy
    • Big pictures
    • User Experience
    • Creative Direction
    • Energiser-riser

    I enjoy managing a variety of projects on a daily basis from user testing all the way to user research. I am enthusiastic in delivering projects in varied industries. Some of my household names I have worked for are Open University, PANDORA, Poker Stars, Experian and Total Jobs.


    • Project Management
    • Project Plans
    • Project Delivery
    • Resourcing

    I have a passion for organising and managing various tasks and in particular Financial Accounts. My bookkeeping experience is key to keeping the Spotless accounts in check and in maintaining a strong relationship with our clients and suppliers.

    I like looking after the team at Spotless which is why I regularly organise team events to give everyone a well‐deserved treat for all their hard work and not to mention the occasional home baked treats for some good indulgence


    • Financial Accounts
    • Office Management
    • Event Planning
    • Research
    • Planning

    My primary motivation is to create meaningful services, products, and experiences that serve human needs; help businesses thrive and are sustainable. My experience includes UX, user interface, and communication design. I apply a blend of creativity, logic and business acumen to all my projects.


    • Conducting user research
    • Rapid prototyping
    • User interface design
    • Workshop facilitation
    • Branding and data visualisation

    I’m a lover of creativity, big ideas and innovation. The world is constantly ever changing, so now more than ever, I think it is important for companies to use compelling storytelling and clear visual language to connect with their audience. Coming from a background of print and graphic design, I enjoy helping to visualise clients narratives into an easy to understand visual language that is just as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

    Outside of work, I’m a daily digital devourer, music aficionado, a water sports enthusiast and a bit of an art geek.


    • Graphic Design
    • Print Design
    • Insight Communication
    • Infographics

    I have a breadth of career and personal projects in the UK and internationally that encompass digital research, teaching and photojournalism. At the heart of this runs a common thread of interest: understanding the foundations of human motivation, to gain better traction on understanding what makes people do what they do.  At Spotless I seek to better understand the HCI experience, engaging and empathising with the user, in an ever more complex and rich digital ecosystem.  I come to Spotless with experience in ethnographic and UX research and am currently a PhD candidate in Applied Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London.


    • Ethnographic research
    • Lab and contextual depth interviews
    • Focus groups
    • Usability testing
    • Evidence based research

    I’m passionate about discovering the real world needs of users, and then using that to create and influence effective and simple designs. My interests in user research and service design have allowed me to conduct large contextual studies, with some of the world’s best known brands, all over the world.


    • One on one interviews
    • Contextual inquiry
    • Digital Strategy
    • International research
    • Facilitation

    Having attained a BSc in psychology and an MSc in Human Computer Interaction with Ergonomics from UCL, I have always had a keen interest in what makes people tick. Understanding people’s motivations and desires is what drives me and I am devoted to translating these into design solutions that delight both the client and the user.


    • User centered design
    • Contextual inquiry
    • Focus groups / workshops
    • Usability testing
    • Ethnographic research

    As I child I really wanted to be a Ghostbuster, but following the heartbreak of learning that it isn’t a real job, I decided to become a UX Researcher instead, which is just as exciting! I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great clients including Google, Microsoft, Sony PlayStation, Vodafone, BBC, Channel 4 & Visa. My specific area of interest is in video games research, having worked on projects in many different areas within the gaming industry. I have also co-authored several research papers on the subject of strategy use by different types of gamer within video games, which have been presented at major industry events such as CHI and CHI Play.


    • Video Games Research
    • Usability Testing
    • Ethnographic Research
    • International Research
    • Focus Groups / Workshops

    My passion is creating optimal and empowering experiences through an evidence-based design process. I take a holistic approach to unpacking experiences and services, before diving deeper to create a strategy which impacts the most important areas. I enjoy working closely with stakeholders to reconcile a design strategy with all areas of the business. Nothing drives me more than fixing bad design, and I like to scratch my own itch.


    • Cognitive Interaction Design
    • Analysis & Design Strategy
    • Usability Testing
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Video Games Research & Design

    I believe design is a tool to enhance humanity. Through a trans-disciplinary approach I explore existing situations and turn them into preferred ones. When framing the problem I always look for patterns and frictions that inspire innovative solutions and positive futures.


    • Design thinking
    • Qualitative research
    • Framing the problem
    • Prototyping

    From conducting face-to-face interviews in our usability labs and running large-scale online surveys to going out in the field observing people in their own environments, I enjoy scoping projects with clients to come up with the best research solutions to their questions and ensuring that my suggestions match the clients’ culture and business strategy.


    • Usability testing
    • Contextual inquiry
    • Quantitative analysis
    • Research planning
    • Games User Research

    Wanting to understand how design shapes and influences peoples is what drew me to design research. I love thinking considerately about a problem and then defining a strategy to unpick it. I also really enjoy ethnographic style research and observing people ‘in the wild’, as it brings me closer to the user’s world. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world, speaking with people to understand how cultural nuances affect clients’ brand experiences.


    • One to one interviews
    • International research
    • Ethnographic research
    • Contextual interviews

    My goal is to improve experiences through leading projects and empowered teams that create innovative and user-centered solutions and services. At Spotless I’m combining my previous HR and client facing experience with new project management skills by making sure we have the right team on the right project to deliver the optimal outcome. Every now and again I emerge from behind my mountain of sticky notes to make sure my team knows what they are working on.


    • Project Management
    • Resource Management
    • AgilePM
    • PRINCE2
    • Sticky notes

    Having come from a customer service background as well as being a hobbyist computer builder, becoming the Assistant Lab Manager at The Insight Rooms has afforded me the opportunity to mix my past work experience with my enthusiasm for working with tech.


    • Welcoming and Assisting Clients
    • Maintenance of the Research Labs
    • Tech Equipment Management

    I’m responsible for managing the labs at The Insight Rooms – taking bookings, making sure clients have everything they need for insightful testing, making sure testing runs smoothly, and doing admin. I’m good at juggling lots of different tasks while making sure clients and my team are happy. I’m a laid back & forthright person and I like to be busy. The best days are the ones where there’s lots going on!

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