Navigating ESG Challenges in Financial Services

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As one of the UK’s leading provider of pensions and investment funds, our client was facing 3 challenges:

  1. To respond to regulatory changes arising from the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) changes being adopted with Financial Services
  2. To meet the needs of a wider investment audience that wanted to understand how to invest with a broader sense of responsibility; and
  3. To implement the wider impacts of Sustainability within their organisation and their connected parties including the adviser network.


Approach & Concepts

We adopted a Service Design approach to first uncover the needs of investors and advisers, before moving into ideation and designing a new future experience to address sustainability themes.

A key to our approach was early use of prototypes - concepts to provoke thought from the investors and advisers, prior to moving onto more comprehensive prototypes.

A second key element was developing the behavioural models of what needed to change - specifically how to introduce the parameter of ‘Responsibility’ alongside the historical investing decision making parameters of Risk and Return. Our 3R model approach set out how the communication of this new mental model could be undertaken for different investors and advisers, according to their behavioural archetypes.

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Prototyping, behavioural models, user testing, focus groups, business case analysis, roadmap creation

3 challenges

Responding to regulatory changes arising from the ESG changes, meeting the needs, meeting the needs of a wider investment audience, implementing the wider impacts of Sustainability within the organisation.

Spotless package recommendation

Prototype, Test and Learn; Elevate Your Existing Business; Set Your Strategic Direction; Design Your Future; Totally Understand Your Customer


The key outputs were a series of new initiatives to better communicate sustainability throughout the wider ecosystem of internal terms, advisers and investors. This was represented in a series of 8 different clickable prototypes, that brought the innovations to life.

These new initiatives were provided with high fidelity prototypes, supported with evidence of testing with individual users and focus groups.  This was supported with a business case analysis and roadmap prioritising activities over the next 5 year time frame.


Direct insights from our valued partners, capturing the essence of Spotless collaborations.

"Spotless worked with us as our business partner, always going the extra mile to ensure our needs were met in a professional and timely manner."

Sharon Stinton, Learning and Development Leader
GE Money

"We required 'out of the box' thinking, meticulous attention to detail, an instinctive understanding of game design and a high-level of UX expertise. We got all of this and more."


"Spotless has been extremely professional and the team have worked closely with us to achieve our objectives and helped us frame our thinking in ensuring the outcome matched our initial scope."

Jennie Curran, Client Relationship Manager
BBDO Stoy Hayward

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