Design research to understand your customers

Totally understand your customers

Gain deep customer insight to better understand their mindsets, barriers, and needs.


With an awareness of internal parameters and how to make it happen, creating the practical steps for launch. Bringing together front-end needs with back-end framework.


  • In-depth user behaviour analysis to uncover the reasons behind low conversions, providing actionable insights to optimise the website for higher conversion rates
  • Gain a deep understanding of user needs, helping you create experiences that keep users coming back
  • Map the customer journey to identify pain points and opportunities, providing a clear understanding of the end-to-end experience and improvement areas
  • Evaluate feature effectiveness, i.e how your new features perform, ensuring they align with user expectations and contribute to your product’s success
  • Validate your product with real user feedback to ensure that your new products or features align perfectly with customer expectations and preferences
  • Enhance user experiences with data-driven redesign. Identify and address pain points in the user experience, ensuring that your platform is intuitive and user-friendly


1-2 Weeks
Understanding you and what you need to know, we look to acknowledge the context of your position and what more you need.


2 Weeks
Beginning a dialogue with customers, there are multiple methods we can employ depending on your needs – e.g. in-context research, 1:1 interviews, group sessions, or diary studies.


2 Weeks
Storytelling to support rich and memorable insights suited to the project and audience, such as personas, empathy maps, behavioural journey maps, or visual reports in a format suited to your needs.


1-2 Days
Lastly, we ensure a full absorption of insights through a playback to your team(s). This will allow us to transfer the gained awareness from us to you.

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