Speculative design & behavioural science for future business

Design your future

Explore radical possibilities and instigate change. Unlock new business models, reach untapped markets, align your teams.


You will boldly go beyond the immediate problem-solving mode organisations often operate in to predict tomorrow’s customer needs by seeing things in a new way and set your company up for new business models and markets.


  • Stay ahead of industry disruptors. Anticipate market disruptions, adapt to new technologies, and carve out  a competitive advantage that secures your place in the industry
  • Cultivate an innovation-friendly culture. Get external support to provide strategies to overcome internal resistance, fostering a mindset that embraces innovation and ensures smooth transitions
  • Future-proof your product and service offerings alongside day to day BAU. Get the insights you need to understand evolving customer needs and behaviours, enabling you to develop solutions that resonate with your target audience
  • Understand and explore possible futures to inform decision-making, through the creation of adaptable and resilient strategies

Service objective workshop

1 Week
Identify what are the internal technological, organisational and behavioural constraints your business will continue to face over the relevant time horizon.

Future casting

3 Weeks
We identify societal, environmental, technological and economic trends that you need to build resilience towards by reviewing news, scientific research and other ‘signs’.

Scenario development

2 Weeks
Tabulate trends to create future scenarios and gauge their probabilities and then bringing the most likely scenario to life with customer archetypes and future news headlines.

Testing speculative concepts

3 Weeks
Develop speculative product concepts as stimuli in customer interviews to explore attitudes and inform jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) creation for a radically different age.

Service & behavioural blueprint

4 Weeks
Describes in detail how the service would work as well as identifying promoting and inhibiting factors in customer behaviour that need to be addressed to introduce the new service.

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