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Current State Journey Mapping

Current State Journey Mapping will help you understand all of the points of interactions between your service and users. This could be between you and your users or a specific interaction between groups of staff.

Future State Journey Mapping

Future State Journey Mapping will help you imagine a new service from users’ perspective. We can gather stakeholders’ thoughts in order to redesign your service, detailing any touchpoints with users.

Service blueprints

Service blueprints are useful if you want to know how to deliver your redesigned service, which a future state journey map doesn’t offer. Blueprints detail any interactions in your service, stating the ‘backstage’ processes required.

Behavioural Science analysis

Behavioural Science analysis to explore users’ behaviour when using your service to  drive desired behaviours. We offer a structured understanding of how people make decisions and behave in real-life situations.

Ideation workshops

Ideation workshops to get your team in a collaborative environment to give input and co-create solutions together.


Prototyping to help you bring your product or service to life. We create one off mock ups to indicate a solution or use rigorous hypothesis-driven design to turn a concept into a valuable product. We offer prototypes tailored to your confidence of the requirements; lower resolution prototypes to test desirability all the way to high resolution prototypes to test design elements or micro-copy.

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Stakeholder workshops

Stakeholder workshops could feature a range of activities depending on the needs of your project. We design sessions to capture input from project stakeholders to align goals and drive innovation. 

Evidence from customer insight

Evidence from customer insight can help you to test and validate your team’s ideas. We can offer a direction to take which is feasible, viable and desirable for users.

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Systems thinking

Systems Thinking can help to uncover opportunities by analysing the systems your service sits within. It can be used to analyse the ecosystem your service sits in to identify opportunities, understand problematic processes in detail and unpick the factors behind complex problems.

    Service Safaris

    Service Safaris involve us experiencing your service; making notes, taking photos, and recording video snapshots to understand how a service works and what the experience is like.

    Usability testing

    Helps testing a product from users' point of view. We test your ideas at any level of development, from paper-based sketches or wireframes, to click-dummies or the live product or service. (Potential) users perform a series of tasks in semi-structured interviews with a facilitator. Actions are observed, perceptions and expectations are gathered.

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    Surveys are useful for gathering insights or validating design choices with a large sample. Surveys can gather feedback on a particular design or understand opinions, to draw conclusions about a larger population of users.


    Benchmarking involves collecting scores from users to assess the merit of your ideas against any project objectives. We can use this to add quantitative validation to qualitative research or as a standalone survey.

    Diary studies

    Diary studies offer an in-depth means of capturing the experiences of an individual. This journaling is later analysed by the research team to look for recurring patterns or significant events. Diary studies can be used for discovery research or to evaluate products over a period of time, capturing feedback ‘in the moment’.

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