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Totaljobs Group was acquired by StepStone, one of the biggest online jobs board companies in Europe in 2012. Established in 1999, Totaljobs Group is represented in approximately 84 countries and in many territories holds the number one spot for a jobs website. The TotalJobs website is one of the UK’s leading online job boards, and attracts around 6 million jobseekers monthly.

Looking to improve their mobile offering, Total Jobs asked us to deliver user insight to help refine their mobile proposition and customer experience for jobseekers.

Although Totaljobs have a wealth of analytics data on hand about mobile device usage, they were keen to find out more about the reasons behind users’ choice of device for various job seeking activities. The aim was to uncover device preferences and emotions, as well as any pain points customers might experience during their job seeking journey.


Understanding user journey through diary studies

We recruited participants for the Jobseeker diary study based on specific user profiles (first time jobseekers, employed and unemployed jobseekers). To start with, we conducted focus groups with participants to brief them on how the study would run.

We also took the opportunity to gather some initial feedback as to device usage and preferences. Following this, participants were asked to keep a diary of any job-seeking activities during a 2-week period, including contextual information such as their location/device used/activity performed/feelings experienced for each job-seeking activity.

Finally, one-on-one interviews at the end of the study allowed the moderators to gain further insight into users’ behaviour and understand their feelings towards various devices at various stages of the job-seeking process.

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Focus groups, diary studies, one-on-one interviews, visualising user groups, user profiling

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Defining user groups and key scenarios

We created a set of visual user groups for Totaljobs, which illustrated key characteristics and differences between the three user profiles. We graphically represented each groups’ feelings towards different job seeking activities as well as towards using mobile devices.

Barriers to using specific devices were highlighted for Totaljobs, as well as related opportunities to help customers out at different stages in the job seeking process.

The visual representation of the three user groups helped Totaljobs to understand some key characteristics of the people being designed for, as well as identify areas for improvement within their current mobile offering.


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