Improving Online Offerings Across Different Devices

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Improving online offering of a market-leading graduate recruitment website

Milkround was launched in 1997 with the aim of bringing students and graduates together with fantastic employment opportunities. The market-leading graduate recruitment website targets the ideal students and graduates for recruitment vacancies and events from an exclusive database of more than 750,000.

Milkround asked us to help improve their web offering by conducting some user testing on their recently re-launched website. They wanted to understand what was working well and what wasn’t working as well from a user perspective, allowing them to devise ways they could improve the existing site. In particular, they were keen to understand whether the functionality of the homepage and the menu options were understood by users, and any general expectations they might have as to the content within different areas of the website.


Usability testing across different devices

We conducted some user testing across desktop and mobile with 10 participants recruited from university students as well as recent graduates. There was a mix of disciplines studied, and participants varied as to whether they had used the Milkround website previously or not. We compiled a list of key tasks and user journeys that Milkround wished to test, including finding a specific job offer in their discipline, finding out more general advice relating to job applications, and initiating the registration process on the website.

As well as testing the mobile and desktop versions of the site, we also tested sample email formats that might be sent out to students, in order to gather insight on their likes, dislikes and expectations surrounding emails from Milkround. We captured users’ initial impressions when arriving at the homepage, and led participants through the series of tasks. All participants also tested the mobile version of the website on a smartphone, and we captured mobile-specific feedback on the appearance of the mobile site.

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Recommendations for digital improvement

Our testing sessions evidenced a number of areas that could be improved within the website to guarantee ease of use and understanding. For instance, it emerged that the mobile site was not presenting important information in an optimal way, as users could not find the same options that they could easily find on the desktop version.

We presented a report of our findings to Milkround, and look forward to seeing how they will enhance their web offering following our recommendations.


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