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Matching Style and Tone to Customer Expectations

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Looking into current shopping experience across different platforms

Lazy Oaf is a London based fashion brand known for their quirky and bold clothing and accessories for both men and women.

The brand was founded in 2001 and was initially batches of hand-printed t-shirts which drew on popular culture and cartoons. It has grown the fashion offering to include all sorts of garments and unusual and fun accessories.

After revamping and updating their website, Lazy Oaf were looking to understand whether users experienced specific issues during key user journeys, as well as assessing how customers felt about the new offering contrasted with the previous site. They wanted to test the user journeys on both desktop and mobile, to understand how to better design and improve the shopping experience on their site.


Testing the digital experience

We recruited participants that regularly shopped from similar fashion sites, with a mixture of male and female participants to also get feedback from a male perspective about the brand appeal. These participants shopped online regularly on their iPhones, iPads and laptops, depending on the context.

We ran testing sessions on both laptop and mobile, and asked users to perform key tasks and think aloud as they were performing them. Participants varied in whether they were exposed to the mobile or desktop site, in order to get first impressions from each of these.

After completing the key tasks, which included going through a purchase journey for an item, participants were shown images from the previous version of the site in order to contrast their impressions. Eyetracking allowed us to understand where users were looking on the site when first landing on the homepage.

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Usability testing (desktop & mobile), eyetracking, contrast testing


Regularly shopping from similar fashion sites on iPhones, iPads and laptops

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Insight report with areas of improvement

We created a report which detailed the various usability issues and insights, with different levels of priority for Lazy Oaf to be able to address more critical design changes as well as quick-win changes. Eye-tracking insight showed that users were drawn to the big images in the carousel, but were less likely to explore further down on the homepage.

Some issues that came out were more related to a certain mismatch between the brand being an independent, boutique brand and the way the website came across which made it seem a bit more mainstream and muted.


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