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Booking process and tariff concerns

Eurotunnel manage and operate the channel tunnel between Britain and France including the vehicle shuttle services.

Eurotunnel were particularly interested in the booking process of their site. They wanted to understand how users actually moved through the booking process, what questions they had whilst booking and what, if any, problems they encountered whilst going through the flow. Their particular area of concern was the tariffs that customers chose. There were quite a few different choices and they did not know if occasional and frequent travellers would understand the differences.


User testing

We ran user testing of the booking process and site in general on 10 participants over two days. Participants were asked to go through the booking process and pick the tariff they felt would be best for them. This allowed us to not only see how the site was used but which tariffs stood out to the users as being the ones that were ‘best’.

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User testing, user behaviour, service offering redesign, persuasive techniques

Primary action

User testing of the booking process and site in general on 10 participants over two days. 

Spotless package recommendation

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New set of packages

The results of the testing allowed us to show that the current number of tariffs were confusing users. This led to a new set of simpler packages being created and offered to customers. Details about tariffs were also re-designed to be shown in a clearer way. Some persuasive techniques were introduced to the package selection page to help the user make a more informed decision.


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