Researching mobile with recruiters and jobseekers

Understanding core customer needs

Totaljobs have been paving the way for mobile applications in their industry, and were looking to get further understanding of what their customers expect and want from mobile applications.

Over the course of several months, we conducted a series of focus groups with both jobseekers and recruiters to understand their preferences and motivations to use mobile devices as part of their job or candidate search.

Co-designing mobile notifications with jobseekers

When speaking to jobseekers, we honed in specifically on the role and importance of mobile notifications, to understand how this might affect their likelihood of applying or saving a job role.

Using a co-design activity, participants sketched out and discussed how the ideal notifications system would work for them. This uncovered a number of insights, for instance the importance of giving users control over notification timings, and being able to quickly view or dismiss from the on-screen notification.

These insights informed key changes to the current Total Jobs mobile app for jobseekers, and introduced more features to cater to jobseekers’ needs.

Mapping out and identifying opportunities to improve the recruiter offering

During the recruiter focus groups, we kept the discussions more exploratory as there is a lack of existing mobile products on the market specifically for recruiters.

We structured activities and discussions to draw out key pain points from the recruiters’ perspectives, and to identify areas of mobile opportunity.

In a detailed worksheet activity, groups of recruiters detailed all of the different activities they went through as part of their job, and expressed what their frustrations and pain points were.

From this, we built a detailed map of the recruiter process and experience, and identified opportunities for Totaljobs to improve this and remove some of their frustrations.

Creating engaging and visual outputs was key to ensuring the Totaljobs design teams keep their customer needs in mind when building new or improved mobile solutions.

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