Shaping a customer service application for businesses

Telefonica is one of the largest mobile network providers in the world, and operate globally to provide broadband and telecommunications. They are a major commercial force in bringing about the ubiquity of video communications. They are building technical capability in video technologies and developing product concepts through the R&D process.

Asked to conduct market research

Telefonica asked us to conduct an independent market research to equip them with guidelines related to best practice in user experience as well as design principles for video related to customer service applications. They required an expert review of video guidelines to help shape the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) features of a customer service application for businesses and to inform UX requirements for developing video customer service applications going forwards. We focused on some major customer experience themes for video applications such as: simplicity or setup, personalisation, viewing controls, privacy, etc. We were asked to look at different types of users, as well as different types of devices that might be used (e.g. mobile, laptop).

Research carried out across academia, industry guides and current development in business

The research conducted aimed to provide the product development and marketing teams a worksheet or guide to understanding video interactions. A literature review and desk-based research were conducted in order to compile best-practice guidelines for developing a video customer service application. The research was carried out across academia, industry guides, and articles on current developments in the industry.


We identified reliable sources of information and extracted all of the essential points into a report delivered to Telefonica. The information was consolidated in a clear and concise way.

Delivered best practice guidelines and highlighting areas for improvement

We provided Telefonica with an expert review of best practice guidelines to keep in mind when developing a video customer service application in future. These guidelines were prioritised in terms of importance to the different types of users, and how desirable they might be to them.

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