Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Customer expectations for the Olympic Park services

Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park, in London, United Kingdom, is a sporting complex built for the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Paralympics, situated to the east of the city and adjacent to the Stratford City development. It contains the athletes’ Olympic Village and several of the sporting venues including the Olympic Stadium and London Aquatics Centre, besides the London Olympics Media Centre.


Informing a Future Vision of the Website

After having mainly focused on opening the park, the team at QEOP wanted to take stock and see how well the website meets their users’ needs and behaviours. The ultimate goal for this project was to help create a brief that would inform the future vision of the website, and how the organisation use it to communicate with the public.

Exploring Expectations

We ran ten interviews with people local to the park, and further afield. The interviews were designed to explore both what people knew and expected from the park as well as how well the website presented itself and the available experiences.

Interviews were held in the QEOP offices at the park itself. This was done so that stakeholders could observe the sessions, and help gather engagement within the business.


Defining next steps for stakeholders

We created a report identifying the different customer types and needs, which then tied them back to the website and any changes that needed to be made.

Following on from the presentation, we ran a workshop with the team to help transform the insights and recommendations into actions associated to specific people within QEOP. This was done to help maintain the momentum of the overall project, and factor in business needs.


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