Increasing customer enegagement

Uncover issues that could be affecting new players

With nearly 50 million registered players PokerStars is the largest online poker card room in the world. PokerStars wanted an expert review to be conducted on their site and poker room to find any issues that could be affecting players.  They were especially interested in problems that could affect new players and thus cause them to leave the product.

Using expert reviews to evaluate each step

We went step-by-step through the entire process that a new player would go through.  As we went through this we noted any usability issues that were apparent to us as we used the site.  When issues were found we noted them down along with the reasoning behind the issue and a rating on how serious it was, from a usability point of view.
We played and used the site for as long as most users do before giving up, based off analytics data provided to us by PokerStars.  This ensured that all interactions and processes that these players encounter were seen by us.

Keeping insights relevant for stakeholders

An expert review report was created and presented to PokerStars.  The expert review was broken down into two stages.  This meant that after our initial findings PokerStars could tell us which areas or findings were of specific interest to them.  We could then go back and focus on these more to give even more in-depth analysis of the issues that meant the most to PokerStars.

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