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Increasing customer conversion

Paddy Power Games is one of the eight online business channels that make up the online division of Paddy Power Plc. Since its launch in November 2004, has developed its offering into a highly competitive product in the industry. The initial launch consisted of a total of three games, it has grown to a portfolio comprising of a variety of 120 richly entertaining Flash games.


Paddy Power came to us with a Request for Proposal to test one of their key gaming websites in January 2010 in order to help increase customer conversions on the site.

We were asked to assess the websites Usability performance and design effectiveness and deliver a detailed usability report with recommendations, edited video highlights, eye tracking analysis and a workshop for the User Experience (UX) team at their offices in Dublin.



We suggested a testing approach which included a mixture of predefined tasks and self-determined tasks to gather both quantitative and qualitative data. This would allow us to perform comparisons between the customers and benchmark any possible future redesign as well as observe the customers using the site with behaviour that was reflective of their natural behaviour.

Each interview was recorded to track task times and user behaviour.

Eye tracking was used to find out which elements of the page were focused on. Eye tracking shows where people look on a page. Typical outputs include:


  • Gaze path – this shows the movement of an eye including fixations where an eye remains looking at a point for longer than 0.1-0.3 seconds (enough time for the brain to process information from the eye and attend to it).
  • Heatmap – this shows which areas of a page receive the most or least attention. This is normally done by aggregating gaze paths from more than one user to show hot spots and deadzones.


We recruited fourteen participants, made up of existing and prospective customers of varying age ranges and gender. These were then interviewed using a mixture of self-determined and predefined tasks on the Paddy Power Games website. They were also shown five other gaming websites to find out their likes/dislikes as well as gathering first impressions using eye tracking.

As this testing was conducted in January we had an additional challenge to get the testing streamed to Dublin as part of the team could not fly over due bad weather and no flights going out from Dublin when the testing was running. To solve this we used a remote streaming service from a company called FocusVision for two days.

FocusVision is the leading global provider of live video transmission, analysis and archive solutions for the qualitative market research industry.

We worked closely with Jon and Scott from Acuity-ETS who provided support and hardware for the Tobii T60 eyetracker we used on the project.


Suggestions around improvements to the site information architecture and taxonomy means that fewer customers will have difficulty identifying the game section they wish to get to in order to play games and spend money on the site.

The report we produced contained findings that the User Experience (UX) team found highly useful and informative and the collaborative workshop we provided to the team after the presentation, provided inspiration and ideas to feed into the site design.

We were impressed with the speed in which Spotless were able to mobilise this testing for us. Once in progress they worked with us on the tests to maximise the time we had against the objectives we wanted to achieve. Some very interesting, and unexpected results were found and have led directly into the design brief for the next iteration of the site which is coming soon, watch your screens!

Stephen Lovell – Online Product & Business Development Manager – Paddy Power 

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