Testing a new design with real users

Ladbrokes is the largest British gaming company based in London, operating shops across the UK as well as several online gambling websites.


Ladbrokes were working on a new design for their mobile site and wanted to conduct some user testing to see how their design worked with real users. Testing involved 1-on-1 sessions with the participants and a test build of the new site.

Primary research objectives centred on:

  • Gather practical insights to inform the development of the mobile site
  • Ensure new functionality and layouts worked for users
  • Ensure users’ needs were being met
  • Gain insight into how the new design compared to other services participants used


Participants were firstly asked to explore the site as they naturally would. Whilst going through the site they were asked to vocalise any feelings they had towards it. Different users are after different types of information and this aimed to see what the participants personally wanted from a site and what drew their attention. Specific tasks were also asked of the participants to test specific areas or functionality of the site, such as placing a bet, or finding out results from a bet.


Betting is a personal experience and different people bet in different ways, at different times and for different reasons. The aim of our sessions was to more fully understand how a cross section of different types of user interacted with the site. Their wants, needs and expectations were then noted, along with any usability issues they hit whilst trying to use the site.


Positive and negative results came out of the testing, both of which were equally useful. The positive results showed the Ladbrokes design team what parts of the site were working well and made sense to the users. It also showed them which of their new designs worked and were easy to understand so they could try to replicate this is other areas. The negative findings highlighted the areas that needed more attention and re-thinking in regards to how they were designed.

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