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Mapping customer journeys for investors

Understanding investor types and their specific needs

Fidelity wanted to create a mobile app to cater to their customers’ needs, and wanted to better understand their investors’ profiles in order to ensure the app would work for different types of investors.

We talked to Fidelity customers and gathered data through individual interviews a diary study, co-design and card-sorting activities. Quantitative and qualitative data from these multiple methodologies allowed us to build a detailed picture of different investor personas. These differed in terms of level of expertise, mobile savviness and motivations to invest.

Building and improving a mobile app for everyone

Based on the initial research to build the personas, we identified the type of information and features that users were looking for in an app. We created an information hierarchy diagram to map out what information users were expecting to access, and how different features should be related to each other.

Working hand-in-hand with the Fidelity build team, we regularly tested early iterations of the prototype with different investor personas, to ensure it would work for all of the customer profiles.

We gave the team prioritised recommendations, and worked closely with them during a series of 3-4 week agile sprint cycles to improve the prototype after each round of testing. This allowed us to input directly into the development of the app and ensure user’s needs were being met along the way.

The Fidelity iPad app: one source for investment information and management

As a result of this long-term engagement with Fidelity to build their app, the launch of the iPad app was the culmination of months of user research, iterative testing, and a commitment to keeping users at the centre of the design.

It has become a valuable resource for both novice and experienced investors to view their portfolio, gather in-depth market information and insights, and regularly monitor fund performances.

Fidelity - User Personas
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