Bonza Gaming

Researching Facebook gamers

Understanding their Facebook gamers

Bonza gaming is a social gambling start-up that offers gambling games through Facebook. Bonza started product development in 2012 and launched their first Facebook game in 2013. Bonza wanted our help in:

  • Understanding usability issues that may exist with their Facebook game site
  • How people use Facebook
  • What users feel about advertising
  • How users choose the games they play
Bonza Gaming Website

Using scenarios and tasks to elicit insights

Participants were recruited who were willing to use their actual Facebook login to play the bonza games. This was to allow us to see how they interacted and found the games on their own account. Participants were asked to find the games and then start playing them. As they played and went through they were prompted around different areas of interest such as:

  • Does the game feel fun?
  • Is it interesting?
  • Would they use social tools such as liking a game?
Researching Facebook gamers

Mockups of different Facebook advertisements were also shown to the participants to see if any consensus or pattern emerged when it came to the type of advertisement that drew them in or put them off.

Bonza Gaming Facebook

Testing the social limits of gamers

The testing came up with some interesting usability findings and social findings in regards to what users were willing and not willing to do in a game based on the Facebook platform. The social side of Facebook led to some insights on what types of bonuses and offers worked well when a game wanted players to interact with and ‘like’ it on Facebook.

Further usability findings were also produced surrounding how much time users would give a system they did not fully understand. Their preferences towards different forms of advertising and what they read into different styles of advertising were also interesting and insightful to the development team.

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