American Express

Online claims site and feature development

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Customer interviews
  • Customer journey maps
  • Prototyping

Existing online claim function was performing poorly

Together with American Express we set out to redesign the site and find out which features were most useful and applicable for their range of customer types.

Creation of new journeys through customer interviews and in collaboration with stakeholders

Customer insight and stakeholder workshops allowed us to create new customer journeys and site architecture for varied claim types; getting covered, being sick overseas, and dealing with lost baggage.

To best support the re-design we created 3 customer scenarios and mapped these to a journey in order to shed light on what these customers went through when traveling; what thoughts and concerns they had and which touchpoints they interacted with.

The journeys were developed into a fully interactive prototype before being re-tested and iterated together with customers and in collaboration with the claim management team.



Transforming insights into a live experience

Working with their development partner AXA, we produced a new online claims site providing a full design guide including all screen stylings (page templates), modules and the new responsive framework.

This is now used throughout the UK and has significantly reduced call center load allowing customers to more effectively service online during or post travel.

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