Understand how customer needs have changed

We can prepare you for a Post Covid economy by getting end user and customer insight that will help you move quickly and adapt your business, service offering and processes.

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Desk research
  • Remote interviews
  • Co-design workshops
Your problem

Does your business understand how the pandemic has impacted on your end users and customers’ lives? Do you know what they value now, what new jobs and tasks they are trying to get done, how they decide to select an offering and if it’s still fit for purpose. Does your service or product will play a role in their new world?

Working from home has changed customers' expectations and needs
Our solution

We will work with you to define the objective of the research and the questions you want answered. We will screen and recruit participants. We have a large network of global recruitment partners and can source participants from beyond London and the UK, including B2B and niche end users and minority and under-represented groups. If suitable, and it meets the research objectives, we can recruit from your database.

We will organise the streaming and documenting of the sessions. We will conduct the remote interviews, analyse and synthesise the findings. 


The outcome

Your research questions will be answered through key insights, recommendations, and opportunities that will help you move quickly towards a solution. We can communicate these in a report, as video highlights or as a visual artefact, like a customer journey map.



Projects can start at 2 weeks in duration, from project kick off to a report with a minimum of 5 participants. 

Examples of research

We’ve recently answered the following research questions


Working from home

How people are buying broadband now to support working from home


Onboarding experience

New employee’s onboarding experience of joining a company during Covid

Ben Logan - Director

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