Young users.

Tim Fidgeon
7 November 2011

Tablet PCs’ easy method of interaction is central to their attraction for children. Tablet PC experiences designed for children should promote: user control (including levels of difficulty and repetition), a wide variety of experiences and regular touch-interactions. Children love tablet PCs A recent study found that amongst 6 – 12 year old children, tablet PCs are the ‘most wanted’ electronic gift in the US.1 Another study showed that 3.6 million tablet PCs have been sold in the UK since they became available in April 2010.2 While these figures do not directly indicate the adoption of tablet PCs by children, it does…

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Ben Logan
6 February 2009

There are currently millions of children already using the Internet, and millions more are coming online each year. Children are brought up with computers, using games and educational software from a very early age, and virtually all will have acquired basic computer skills by the time they leave primary school. We look at some usability issues to keep in mind for young users.

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