Billy Kennedy
4 April 2017

This week we are joined by our Project Manager Manisha Patel to chat about Project Management when it comes of UX and Service Design, and in particular the challenges and opportunities with exist in a small agency environment for this. This week is a slightly shorter Podcast but we cover a lot of ground. If you have been listening to our Podcast mainly on our website or Soundcloud, why not subscribe via iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/spotless-podcast/id1208188452?mt=2 Topics covered: What is Project Management What tools we use What techniques we use Challenges around Project Management in UX and Service Design

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Ben Logan
21 December 2011

Many industry experts and users feel that if Google was as careful about the apps it sells as Amazon, the tremendous surge of Android targeted malware would be taken in hand. Google has come under increasing fire for not vetting their apps aggressively. While the giant has been seen to pull apps from the Market when they are reported to contain malware; the problem is that by the time this happens, thousands of user’s mobiles might already have been infected. This is in stark contrast to Amazon – their Kindle Fire tablet uses a heavily modified version of Google’s Android…

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Ben Logan - Director

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