UX (User Experience).

Ben Logan
2 October 2011

A recent report by usability experts Nielsen Norman Group claims that the mobile web experience of today is in a similar state to the traditional Internet’s progress in 1999. This is in contrast to a similar survey undertaken by the company in 2009, which found that the Internet use of that year was comparable to the desktop Internet of 1994, showing a definite increase in usability. Nielsen Norman Group’s study asked participants to carry out a range of tasks on their devices, from looking up the prices of electrical goods to finding topical daily content.  Mobiles tested included a range…

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25 March 2010

Mark McElhaw – Published: 25th Mar 2010 10:09 GMT User experience (UX) and Agile haven’t had an easy working relationship–in part because their origins lie in different stages of software development. User experience focuses on research, planning, design and testing; Agile is about building better code. This article looks at ways to apply an Agile approach to research and planning. And if you’re one of the many who didn’t get enough time for planning and design, we have some recommendations for different types of user research during the build phase. How does Agile differ from UX? UX and Agile are approaches, and…

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