Accessibility Guidelines.

Henny Swan
10 November 2011

Summary Each member of a team plays a role in building a website or web app that is accessible ranging from the project manager, designer, developer, tester and Information Architect (IA). This article looks at a few key aspects of accessibility that if anticipated at IA stage go a long way to ensuring usable websites for people with access needs and safeguarding against costly fixes post launch. Before you start Before you start working on the IA you need to be sure what the parameters are for the build. The brief or requirements handed down by the project manager, or…

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Ben Logan
9 November 2009

Video is a key component of an internet presence and sites such as YouTube and Vimeo offer to host video for no additional cost. High bandwidth sites would have previously incurred significant charges for streamed video but now any site owner can frequently publish their video content online for no extra cost. Why caption videos? Multimedia presentations (rich media) usually involves image, sound and motion. This can present accessibility barriers to some people with disabilities, for instance visual impairments, hearing loss, photosensitive epilepsy, cognitive and learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and dyslexia. Captions and subtitles make videos accessible to a…

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